Juvenile Innocence and Fair Sentencing Clinic


The Juvenile Innocence and Fair Sentencing Clinic advances social justice by honoring the dignity of even the most troubled young offender through holistic representation. JIFS students redress the injustices of wrongful imprisonment and over-incarceration of children through high-quality, client-centered representation.

The Juvenile Innocence and Fair Sentencing Clinic was founded in 2012 to advocate on behalf of wrongly convicted youth and youth sentenced to unjustly lengthy adult prison sentences, and to serve as a research and education center dedicated to reform in the areas of juvenile sentencing and rehabilitation. Its system reform work includes policy advocacy on issues such as resentencing for youth sentenced to Life Without Parole (LWOP), and early parole opportunities for youth sentenced as adults.

JIFS students are in public interest and public defender offices all over California and the United States, bringing a new vision of holistic defense representation that has transformed the landscape of criminal justice.

Kiera Newsome shares her story on Dr. Phil
Dr. Phil exams Kiera’s case and speaks with her lawyers, who call Kiera’s conviction “the starkest miscarriage of justice” they have ever seen. Dr. Phil looks at all the
“The JIFS clinic gave me my freedom. I wouldn't be where I am today without them." Hear JIFS Clinic client Louie B talk about his experience.
One woman strives to prove her innocence from behind bars, while a team of pro-bono lawyers and students at Loyola Law School fight the odds to get her out.
After spending 16 years in prison for a sentence handed down to him as a 17-year-old, Reggie DeAndre Mallard was freed after JIFS advocates helped secure a plea deal.
The JIFS Clinic is at the forefront of juvenile justice reform. Read more publications about how they are transforming the landscape of criminal justice.

Juvenile Innocence & Fair Sentencing Clinic

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