The Sunita Jain Anti-Trafficking Policy Initiative (Sunita Jain Initiative) at LMU Loyola Law School (LLS) is a collaboration of the Loyola Social Justice Law Clinic (LSJLC) and the LLS Anti-Racism Center (LARC). The Sunita Jain Initiative builds upon LSJLC’s legacy of system transformation through on-the-ground best practices representation of trafficking survivors, and connects this clinical work to LARC’s research and policy innovation, focused on anti-racism, equity and inclusion in the law. The Sunita Jain Initiative will guide the next generation of survivor advocates, to enact anti-trafficking law and policy at the local, state, and national levels that grapple with the root causes of human trafficking such as the systemic subordination of poor communities of color, further marginalized by the intersections of gender, gender identity, sexuality, disability, national origin, religion, and/or immigration status. This first of its kind initiative, housed within LLS whose mission is dedicated to the delivery of educational excellence with a deep concern for social justice, aims to overcome the myriad injustices that subvert trafficking survivors’ access to self-determination and empowerment.

Sunita Jain Anti-Trafficking Policy Initiative

919 Albany St.
Los Angeles, CA 90015


Sabrina Talukder

Director of Federal Policy


Joseph Villela

Director of State Policy