A Tax Program That Points to Success

Sajdah Bryant
Sajdah Bryant

“I wasn’t interested in tax policy when I began law school,” says Sajdah Bryant ’16. Bryant was set on becoming an entertainment lawyer. But to help round out her education, she signed up for a federal-income tax course. To her surprise the course sparked a profound interest. “The subject matter combined my interest in policy, business and law. I’ve been hooked ever since,” says Bryant. Last fall she enrolled in Loyola’s Tax LLM program to help accelerate her career. 

In the first few weeks after enrolling in Loyola’s program, Bryant attended a school event and met an alum who helped her land an interview with a large accounting firm. “I received unmatched support and assistance from my professors with preparing my application package,” says Bryant. “It was incredible. Loyola’s tax program is really committed to helping students advance their respective careers.”

While she ultimately didn’t take that position, it was a good experience for Bryant professionally, and her professors and fellow students have offered crucial guidance all along the way, allowing her to establish connections with other dedicated tax law professionals.  Bryant met a tax partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers in one of her accounting classes, and the connection was a major boon, says Bryant. After passing the California bar exam last November, she acquired a position with the PwC’s financial services department.

Adds Bryant, “Many law students often shy away from the field, but I would encourage other law students to consider a career in tax policy and law. Loyola offers a program that gives you the tools to succeed, amazing classmates, and alumni who care – they are connected to the school and the students.”