• Guantanamo and the Law of War

    A formal U.S. naval commander, Professor David Glazier is one of the nation’s preeminent experts on military commissions and the law of war.  His most recent article, Destined for an Epic Fail: The Problematic Guantánamo Military Commissions, Ohio St. L. J. (forthcoming 2014), describes how the Obama commissions continue to violate basic law of war precepts, choice of counsel rules, secrecy policies, and the bar on coerced statements. 

  • Influential Tax Scholarship

    Among schools with Tax LLM programs, Loyola's full-time tax faculty is the fourth most-cited in scholarly articles, after NYU, Florida, and Boston University.

  • Burns Bldg
    Business Law Scholars Come to Loyola

    Over 80 business law scholars from around the country converged on Loyola’s campus for the Fifth Annual National Business Law Scholars Conference, co-organized by Loyola Professor Elizabeth Pollman.

  • Faculty scholarship spring 2014
    Loyola Faculty Publish Widely

    Loyola faculty placed numerous articles in leading journals this spring, including Ellen Aprill, Defining Political Campaign Contributions Under Federal Tax Law, accepted by Duke; Hiro Aragaki, The Federal Arbitration Act as Procedural Reform, accepted by NYU; Elizabeth Pollman, A Corporate Right to Privacy, accepted by Minnesota; and Adam Zimmerman,  Presidential Settlements, accepted by the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and The Corporate Settlement Mill, accepted by Virginia.

  • A Jurisprudence of Peace

    Pushing the boundaries of critical jurisprudence and international law, Professor Yxta Murray created a two-day Symposium at Seattle University School of Law exploring the power of violence in property, war, and human rights, and laying the theoretical foundations for a jurisprudence of peace.  


Loyola professors are original and influential scholars. Published in leading law reviews and widely cited by judicial opinions, their work is often at the center of important public policy debates. With dozens of treatises and casebooks to their credit, Loyola faculty bring scholarly rigor to every aspect of the legal profession and the classroom.

Junior Scholar Spotlight

Loyola’s junior faculty are already making their mark.

Race, Gender and Crime

Priscilla Ocen reconceptualizes the criminalization of women of color. Read more...

Democratic Theory

Justin Levitt challenges conventional thinking about voting rights and democracy. Read more...

Corporate Theory

Elizabeth Pollman rethinks the boundaries between public and private firms and the rights of corporations.  Read more...

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Hiro Aragaki reconceptualizes the relationship between contract and procedure in civil and extrajudicial adjudication.  Read more...

Economic Legal Regimes

Carlos Berdejo brings rigorous economic empiricism to new realms.  Read more...

Complex Civil Procedure

Adam Zimmerman offers innovative new theories of mass litigation.  Read more...


Kevin Lapp redraws the boundaries between criminal law, immigration, and democratic theory.  Read more...

Judicial Decisionmaking

Simona Grossi challenges the precepts of modern judicial decisionmaking in the context of civil procedure.  Read more...

Environmental Localism

Katherine Trisolini upends traditional environmental law with a focus on local government.  Read more...

Election Law

Jessica Levinson reconceptualizes the governance function of campaign finance law and corporate speech.  Read more...