Jenine Meltzer Memorial Scholarship

In December of 2002, Jenine Meltzer of the Loyola Law School Class of 1982 passed away. All who knew her would agree that Jenine was an extraordinary human being. In honor of the memory of our dear friend and Alumae, the Jenine Meltzer Memorial Scholarship Committee: Dean David W. Burcham `84, Professor William G. Coskran `59, Jeffrey LaBarre of Cox, Castle & Nicholson LLP, Michael J. Lightfoot of Lightfoot, Vandevelde, Sadowsky, Medvene & Levine, Hon. Frederick J. Lower, Jr. ’64, Professor Christopher N. May, Professor Bud Ogren, Robert A. Rees ’80 of Rintala, Smoot, Jaenicke & Rees, LLP, and Professor Harry N. Zavos ’71 have initiated the endowment of the Jenine Meltzer Memorial Scholarship.

The memorial fund will be established at Loyola to provide support to students with disabilities. By helping to provide critical scholarship resources, we can help encourage students with disabilities to attend Loyola Law School. A plaque listing all contributing Alumni and friends will be prominently displayed on the Loyola Law School campus to recognize the generosity and sincere commitment of those who wish to support students with disabilities.

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