Public Interest/Public Sector Career Day @ UCLA

Public Interest/Public Sector Career Day

The Public Interest/Public Sector Career Day (PIPSCD) at UCLA, an inter-law school event held annually each spring semester, is an opportunity for law students to interview with and secure critical information from public interest organizations and government agencies.  The free event is co-sponsored by Loyola Law School, nine other Southern California ABA-accredited law schools, and two provisionally approved law schools. Law students from all co-sponsoring schools may participate in PIPSCD.  Representatives from more than 100 public interest organizations, government agencies and offices and public interest private firms gather together to interview students and staff information tables. Students are encouraged to participate in various workshops, brown bag lunchtime discussions and scheduled employer interviews.

Please remember that it may be more effective to send your resume and cover letter out now to employers or agencies you are interested in interviewing with, as many employers have begun, or will soon begin, selecting and hiring students for various positions. Loyola’s Public Interest Department encourages you to participate in PIPSCD at UCLA, however, being proactive and getting your resumes and cover letters out to these agencies before this event may garner you an interview prior to PIPSCD and increase your chances for success.

To participate students must:

  • Complete online registration to apply for interviews by the deadline (Registration & Bidding Instructions below).
  • Upload a resume and cover letter only by the deadline. Other requested application materials must be taken as hard copies to secured interviews on Career Day.  DO NOT UPLOAD WRITING SAMPLES; BRING TO INTERVIEWS ONLY.
  • Select and rank the organizations with whom you hope to secure an interview by the deadline date/time.
  • Bid on a maximum of 15 employers by the deadline.

This coming year, PIPSCD at UCLA will take place on Saturday, February 8, 2020. Students interested in participating in the interview component of PIPSCD must register online at (see Timeline for Registration & Bidding below). Students who participated last year in PIPSCD, please log in with your user name (email address) and password.  This is different than a student's Loyola Symplicity log-in.

Students, who do not participate in the interview compenent of the event, may still attend Career Day and take part in "table-talk" and lunchtime panel presentations.

For questions regarding this event, please contact the LLS Public Interest Law Department.


Cancellation Deadline & Policy

Cancellations are strongly discouraged. It is the policy of PIPSCD @ UCLA that students not selectively cancel interviews. Students have made a commitment to UCLA and to employers by bidding and uploading their resumes and cover letters. Cancellation of interviews after the deadline reflects negatively upon the student and the law school.  If, however, you must cancel an interview due to an emergency, please immediately do so in Symplicity by February 4, 2020 @ 5 pm.  DO NOT CONTACT UCLA OR THE EMPLOYERS DIRECTLY TO CANCEL AN INTERVIEW.  CANCEL VIA SYMPLICITY.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cancellations made after the cancellation deadline require a written explanation to Professor Sande Buhai, Director of the Public Interest Law Department, a written apology to the interviewer, and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Failure to give such notice may result in a student being denied access to further on campus interview programs.

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact Christine Zeimantz in the Public Interest Law Department at Loyola at