Current Student Resources

Writing Resources for Current Students

Writing Specialists for Additional Help

Loyola writing specialists are available to help all currently enrolled students with writing needs for work being prepared for a law school course whether first year legal research and writing, or an upper division writing course. Writing specialists will help students address legal writing issues including analysis, issue division, organization, grammar and punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, and concision and clarity. Specialists will not address the legal substance of the problem; substantive questions should be directed to the course instructor.

Both specialists, Professors Ronda Fox and Paul Von Blum have both JD and PhD degrees, and years of experience helping students with writing projects. The specialists hold regular office hours throughout the semester with extra times available in the weeks before first year legal writing assignments are due. Conference times are available for both day and evening students. Further information and online conference sign-up lists are available on the Legal Writing Resources TWEN page.

Writing Sample Assistance 

The Loyola Student Writing Tutors Program provides assistance to students in preparing their work for submission to employers. The tutors are selected from among Loyola’s best and the program is supervised by Loyola faculty. Tutors will not rewrite or line-edit student work for writing samples nor make substantive comments on the legal issues. They will make suggestions on organization, writing mechanics, and citation formatting, so the final product reflects the student's own work.  

Student Writing Tutors are available to help only with writing samples and not with ongoing law school or work assignments. More information about submitting requests for assistance can be found on the Legal Writing Resources TWEN page or on the Loyola Writing Tutors TWEN page. The program is supervised by Prof. Mary Dant. Contact Prof. Dant at at the end of the spring semester if you are interested in interviewing to be a tutor.

Preparing for Writing on the Bar Exam

Loyola encourages students to take advantage of all the resources available to them to prepare for the state Bar Exams. For many years Loyola has offered the Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing (4J65) course to assist students in preparing for the written portions of the exam. The course is offered in Summer and Fall semesters. (See the Bar Exam Resources TWEN page for further Bar Exam preparation information.)

Writing Competitions

Students can earn scholarship and prizes by participating in writing competitions sponsored by attorney bar associations, like the American Bar Association. They are often focused on specific practice areas in the law. Students preparing notes or other significant research papers may have their work published by the competition's sponsors. Information about competitions is available on this page and on the Legal Writing Resources TWEN page.