2012 EC L.R. Amicus IACHR

I/A Commission, Petition of L. R. v. Ecuador

Source: Wikicommons

We filed an amicus curiae brief in this case pending before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights.

The brief can be found here: International Human Rights Clinic Case 3 Brief 1

L.R. is a minor, female, refugee from Colombia, residing in Ecuador, who was sexually assaulted. Ecuadorian authorities failed to properly investigate and prosecute the assailant.

The representative of the victim, Asylum Access Ecuador, argued violation of several articles of the American Convention, of the Protocol of Salvador and the Inter-American Convention on Violence against Women.

Our brief, in support of the petitioner, we first laid out the general protections that States must afford refugees as a matter of international law. Second, we addressed the special protections female refugees must be given. Third, we described the special protections that minors must be given. Lastly, we concluded by emphasizing the protections that Ecuador should provide L.R. and urged the Commission to give her case priority given her circumstances.