Grace Nguyen

Alumna Shifts Gears to Advocate for Special Needs Children

Grace Nguyen
Grace Nguyen '06

Adjunct Professor and Private Entity Field Placement Coordinator Grace Nguyen ’06 knew she wanted to be an advocate for children the moment she stepped on Loyola Law School, Los Angeles’ campus. “So many children do not feel they have a voice,” says Nguyen. “This fueled my passion to become a lawyer who could be that voice for children who felt helpless.”

After a decade practicing law at a civil defense firm, she changed course to focus exclusively on representing special needs children and their parents. The move was in part inspired by her mentor, who represented Jesse Snodgrass, a 17-year autistic student arrested as part of an undercover drug sting.

“Many parents don’t know their rights, and school boards take advantage of that,” Nguyen. “The burden falls more heavily on those of lesser economic means who cannot afford to hire an attorney or to pay for services from private sources.”

Nguyen has taken her advocacy work outside the courtroom, as well. A member of Loyola’s Board of Governors for several years, she oversaw many charitable causes, including Loyola’s involvement in the Special Olympics. This partnership led to the sponsorship of Belgium tennis player Hanne Lavreysen, who won a gold medal in women’s singles and a silver in women’s doubles at the 2016 games. [Read more.]

“Equality for all means equality for everyone,” says Nguyen, “including all of our children.

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