Iris Lee

Pro Se Mediation Clinic

Iris Lee, Pro Se Mediation Clinic

Students in the Pro Se Mediation Clinic represent parties who have filed claims of discrimination with the California Civil Rights Division and whose claims are about to be mediated. After they are assigned to unrepresented parties, students must interview the clients, assemble the facts and evidence, then prepare a mediation brief and represent the client in the negotiations. Gaining the clients’ trust is essential. My student Iris Lee was initially concerned about her ability to challenge or disagree with an older experienced mediator as is sometimes necessary during mediation. Nevertheless, putting her fear aside to provide the best representation possible, she rose to the challenge in several mediations. Her writing skills were better than most practicing attorneys that I have encountered. Her assessment of the facts and law were spot on. Mostly, though, her dedication to her clients was relentless – when a housing discrimination mediation ended without a settlement, she requested that she be allowed to continue negotiations well after the semester was over because she did not want to give up on helping her clients. Her clients were overwhelmed with the level of representation and dedication, writing, “Ms. Lee presented our case intelligently, tirelessly, and with much empathy.” Iris Lee brought great credit to the clinic and to Loyola Law School.