Ciera Teets

Juvenile Justice Clinic

Ciera Teets, Juvenile Justice Clinic

Ciera Teets has shown extreme passion, leadership, and dedication toward juvenile justice reform. During her two years as a student in the Clinic, she continuously impressed us with her thirst for knowledge, the quality of her work, and the quality of her representation. While we expect all our clinical students to go an extra mile in providing transformative, holistic representation to our young clients, Ciera went an extra 1,000 miles. She was never defeated, never complained, always managed to balance work, family, school, and clinical obligations, and always had a positive attitude.  Out of the number of students that have come through the program, Ciera has shown the cultural competency, intellectual grit, kindness, and perseverance that makes an outstanding advocate. I can safely say that Ciera‚Äôs analytical ability is only matched by her interpersonal skills.  She frequently handles complex situations effectively and gracefully, exhibiting confidence and leadership capabilities, as well as unerring resilience. 

Although we are sad to see her leave, Ciera is ready to take on the world as a legal professional. Her unwavering attitude, unparalleled creativity, and unconditional dedication have made her more than just an outstanding clinical student, but an outstanding advocate.