Alberto Gomez

Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution

Alberto Gomez
Alberto Gomez, Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution

Alberto Gomez is a Loyola Law School All-Star – a scholar with a service heart who embodies qualities that LMU esteems and teaches. 

Alberto participated in the Loyola Center for Conflict Resolution (LCCR) Dependency Court Mediation Clinic (DC-MAC) during the summer between his first and second year. In DC-MAC, at Edelman’s Children Court, he worked to reunite families that had spent an average of 18 months or more dealing with the Court and foster care system. Alberto did not shy away from jumping in to assist the parents work with their respective attorneys, and minor’s counsel in creating a safe space where parents could discuss how to bridge their communication and co-parent in the future. Albert spent a full day each week that summer with the participants and helped them reach agreements with regard to the physical and legal custody of their children. He used his newly acquired lawyering skills to draft their agreements and complete the Judicial Council Forms that served as the parties’ exit order to Family Court. Alberto, who is bi-lingual in English and Spanish, went above and beyond to help our parties find their own mediated resolutions that not only resolved the present issues, but would have long lasting positive effects in the lives of the parents and their children. After having mastered LCCR’s learning outcomes, Alberto returned in the Fall of 2019 to our Conciliation and Mediation Clinic (C-MAC) and took on a leadership role mentoring other students who were in their first semester with us at the LCCR to master not only the process of mediation, but the essential skills we believe transfer to any road our students take after graduation. As a C-MAC student, he conciliated and mediated a wide variety of matters including family law, consumer-merchant and landlord/tenant issues. 

Alberto wore many hats at the LCCR and always volunteered to take on additional duties and responsibilities. He helped perform outreach to both Loyola Law School students and to the community. In addition, he volunteered for Just the Beginning (JTB), a high school to law school pipeline organization’s Summer Institute hosted by LCCR. He coached high school students in the same negotiation skills and techniques he had learned working at the LCCR, and participated in the JTB Negotiation Competition as a Judge. 

It has been a pleasure to see Alberto develop his potential and use his new found skill set in other projects at Loyola Law School. In Fall, 2020 he was selected to participate in the highly competitive Poehls/Hobbs District Attorney Practicum. 

Alberto spent the entirety of 2021 clerking with the Los Angeles District Attorney Office conducting Preliminary Hearings as well as drafting and submitting motions in response to defendant’s motion to suppress evidence pursuant to California Penal Code § 1538.5. His final year at LLS, Alberto not only participated in the Baseball Arbitration Moot Court but was also selected as Team Captain and received Quarterfinalist Honors at the Tulane International Baseball Arbitration Competition. 

Alberto is currently the Executive Editor of the Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review. 

His outstanding work ethic, winning personality, and keen legal aptitude embody the best of Loyola Law School and its legal community. We are lucky to count him as one of our own!