Line-Up & Procession for Students

There is no rehearsal for Commencement.


10:00 a.m. Report to St. Robert's Auditorium Student Robing

11:00 a.m. Class photos by degree programs

Please be photo-ready in your Commencement regalia in Lawton Plaza by 11 a.m. to begin taking class photos. This is the area across the street from the robing area in St. Robert’s, which you should plan to exit by 10:50 a.m. to get to the photo on time. We will take photos of each class by degree program: JD, FTA LLM, Tax LLM, MLS, MT and JSD. Graduates of dual-degree programs should stand for photos of both degree programs. If we need to alter plans because of rain, we will make announcements in St. Robert’s.

11:45 a.m. Procession to Sunken Garden will begin.

After class photos, you will line up along the pathway directly in front of St. Robert’s. The processional order by degree will be MT, MLS, LLM, JSD and JD.

Only degree candidates will be allowed in the line-up areas. Parents and guests may not assemble with degree candidates but, rather, should proceed directly to the seating area in Sunken Garden.

Commencement staff will direct students to line up for the procession. Graduating students who wish to sit together should stand single file behind each other.

Students should assemble dressed in academic attire and with their name cards in hand to prepare for the procession of candidates to Sunken Garden.