Jessica Levinson 2020
Journalist Law School Director Jessica Levinson

Professor Jessica A. Levinson, Loyola Law School, directs the Journalist Law School. Professor Levinson is one of the most highly sought-after legal media commentators in the country. She is a legal analyst for CBS, a columnist for MSNBC, and has a weekly segment on NPR family station KCRW-FM.  

Future of Tort Retrenchment," published in the Loyola Law Review; and an online textbook entitled CyberPrivacy, published by the Berkman Center of Harvard Law School.

Other key JLS faculty include:

  • Ellen Aprill, John E. Anderson Chair in Tax Law. Specialties: intersection of tax and politics.
  • Jeffery Atik. Specialties: cryptocurrencies.
  • Samantha Buckingham, director, Juvenile Justice Clinic. Specialties: juvenile law and criminal procedure.
  • Brietta R. Clark, associate dean for faculty. Specialties: Health care law and access.
  • David Glazier, former commander, U.S. Navy. Specialties: law of war, military commissions/detainees, war criminals.
  • Michael Genovese, president, World Policy Institute at LMU. Specialties: presidency & leadership, presidential elections, law and presidential power.
  • Stan Goldman, director, Center for the Study of Law & Genocide. Specialties: criminal law, evidence and genocide law.
  • Fernando Guerra, Director of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Center for the Study of Los Angeles at LMU. Specialties: electoral politics.
  • Justin Hughes, former senior adviser to the Undersecretary of Commerce for IP in the Obama Administration. Specialties: international trade, intellectual property.
  • Dan Jacobs, author, "BP Blowout: Inside the Gulf Oil Disaster." Specialties: environmental law, sustainability.
  • Allan Ides, former U.S. Supreme Court clerk. Specialties: constitutional law, presidential power. Specialties: sustainability.
  • Sean Kennedy, Kaplan & Feldman Executive Director, Center for Juvenile Law & Policy and former Federal Public Defender. Specialties: death penalty, juvenile law.
  • Kathleen Kim, faculty adviser, Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic. Specialties: immigration law, human trafficking.
  • Laurie Levenson, David W. Burcham Chair in Ethical Advocacy, founder of the Loyola Project for the Innocent, former assistant U.S. attorney. Specialties: criminal law and procedure, wrongful convictions.
  • Priscilla Ocen, member, L.A. County Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission. Specialties: Critical race theory, gender and the law.
  • Michael Waterstone, Dean. Specialties: disability rights, employment law.
  • Kimberly West-Faulcon, James P. Bradley Professor of Constitutional Law. Specialties: constitutional law, impeachment, presidential power, race & testing, Supreme Court.
  • Gary Williams, former assistant legal director, ACLU Foundation of Southern California. Specialties: civil rights, First Amendment, Freedom of Information.
  • Adam Zimmerman, Gerald Rosen Fellow. Specialties: class actions, opioid litigation.: class actions, opioid litigation.