Yulia Terentyeva

Equipped with a Loyola LLM, Foreign Attorney Lands U.S. Lawyer Job:

Yulia Terentyeva came to Loyola Law School from Russia with a bachelor’s degree in law and two goals: She wanted to improve her English language skills and enhance her legal career in Moscow by earning a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in the United States. 

Loyola’s personalized program, supportive faculty, vibrant location and her own hard work helped her achieve both of those goals. Exceeding her expectations, the comprehensive training Terentyeva received also helped her realize a long-held dream of practicing law in the United States.

Terentyeva recently landed a job at the prestigious law firm of Sklar Kirsh LLP, led by another Loyola alum, doing exactly what she’s passionate about – handling mergers and acquisitions. 

Terentyeva credits her professors, bar study support and Loyola’s strong alumni network for helping her achieve success. For her, earning an American graduate law degree, passing the California Bar Exam and landing her dream lawyer job were all part of a team effort.

“My professors supported me in every way they could.  I felt they wanted me to succeed. And Loyola’s network helped me get a job,” she said. “I had friends in other programs in Los Angeles, and knowing what I do, I’d still choose Loyola for my LLM.  My time here opened the gateway for me in so many ways.

“The LLM degree at Loyola works. I’m an example of someone for whom it worked. It takes determination, but here, you can make it happen,” said Terentyeva. 

“I would never have thought I would get a job here and would stay in the U.S. It’s like an amazing dream. I love Los Angeles.  You feel alive here.”