Annabella Del Grosso

For International LLM Student, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Key to Navigating Global Economy:

Long before Annabella Del Grosso arrived at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles from her native Italy, she had already discussed the LLM curriculum with Faculty Director Aaron Ghirardelli, and picked out her textbooks. She also reached out to Professor Simona Grossi to ask advice about her future options as an international lawyer.

The encounters with staff and faculty that happened before she was even on campus made it clear to Del Grosso that she chose the right U.S. law school to study for an LLM degree.

She came to Loyola last August nervous and knowing very little about Los Angeles. Right away, people at the school took her under their wing.

“Every time I had a challenge, I asked someone, and they were always ready to give me a solution,” Del Grosso said. “I felt they understood my situation. Everyone has been supportive, from administrators to JD students and beyond. When I arrived in Los Angeles, I felt lost,” she said. “But at Loyola Law School, I found a family.”

Del Grosso, who possesses a law degree from the University of Naples Federico II, came to the United States for an LLM degree because she wants to join an international law firm when she returns home. “All countries are involved in the same global economic system,” said Del Grosso. “I’m not just Italian; I’m European. I’m a citizen of the world.”

To be hired by an international firm in Italy requires proficiency in English and a familiarity with a second legal system, such as American common law. At Loyola, she is able to pursue a specialty in international business law.

Prof. Grossi spoke with Del Grosso at length about potential job opportunities in Italy and in the U.S., and Ghirardelli also helped steer her towards courses she needed to meet the eligibility requirements for the US bar exam.

Loyola also offers specialized activities and key opportunities for networking just for LLM students. Recent events included a Women Lawyers of Los Angeles gathering, a group trip to see a live taping of the late-night show “Conan” and several gatherings specifically for international lawyers.

Del Grosso is studying hard, but also having fun meeting other law students and lawyers from the US and abroad. "Knowing the people you are in class with really well, and having the opportunity to meet Loyola’s impressive alumni at campus events is important for my future career," said Del Grosso.

Use a Loyola LLM as a bridge to your future in international law.