Abdulrahman A. Kaki

Abdulrahman A. Kaki

Abdulrahman A. Kaki


Mr. Kaki obtained his first law degree with honors (LL.B  Hons) from the United Kingdom at the University of South of Wales.  Ever since, he took interest in the law and his passion towards this path has been growing.  He later continued his post graduate academic journey in the United States of America; he has earned his Master of Laws (LLM) in International Comparative Law at Chapman Law School. Moreover, Mr. Kaki has been awarded a certificate of completion in basic meditation training at Chapman School of Law.

Mr. Kaki joined one of Saudi’s leading international law firms. His experience ranges from dispute resolution to giving notes of advice to international and domestic clients. He has litigated multi-million dollar cases in Saudi Arabia.

He also worked as a Litigation and Consultant Manager for a major International Security and Service Company, where he has handled all company legal affairs, dispute resolutions, corporate governance, providing legal advice to Shareholders and Board of Managers.

Mr. Kaki worked at the University of Dar Al-Hekma as a lecturer teaching Company and Commercial Law from a Saudi Arabian legal perspective.

Mr. Kaki is a licensed attorney in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and has established his own legal practice.  



Mr. Kaki’s Dissertation will investigate how One-Person Companies introduced by the New Company Law of Saudi Arabia may lead to the diversification of the Saudi economy.


Faculty Advisor: Jeff Atik