Alice S. Bruns: Cerritos, CA

Alice Bruns is an American citizen who was born to loving parents who emigrated from Uruguay. Shortly after birth, Alice was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. Just as her siblings before her, Alice graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a degree in Sociology. Alice worked as a Policy Advisor at the United States Department of Labor, Office of Disability and Employment Policy, through a prestigious internship. Drawing on her personal experience as a Disabled woman, Alice collaborated with her peers to design and develop policies that would enhance employment opportunities for disabled people.

On returning home to Southern California, Alice volunteered at Disabled Resources Center Inc., a nationally recognized Independent Living Center. Alice was soon asked to join the staff, and was quickly promoted to Employment Services Supervisor.

Realizing there was still more to accomplish, Alice returned to school to complete her Graduate Degree in Public Administration. Alice wants to do more to help disabled people achieve their highest aspirations. Alice is considering a career in Law to help advance her goal of seeing all persons find success in reaching their loftiest ambitions.

When not working, Alice loves being surrounded by family and friends, loves to play the piano, sing, and enjoys being around animals of all kinds.

Alice is excited for her future, and the future of all who aspire to help and enhance the world we all live in.

Alice shared the following about the Law Fellows Program: 

What was so outstanding to me about the program was the inclusivity of all our disabilities and how they were all considered for accommodations. Consequently, that was what gave me, personally, a sense of ease to be able to focus on the course speakers and readings and not have to navigate my individual disability issues.