On-Campus Interviews

The Career Development Office at LMU Loyola Law School invites employers to participate in our Fall 2022 Virtual On-Campus Interview OCI Program. Employers may interview virtually or request the Career Development team to collect applications from students. Employers can use Loyola's virtual platform or provide their own video link.

Interview Dates

  • Monday, July 25-28, 2022
    Phase I, Early Interview Week

          *Register by June 13

  • August 30 - September 1, 2022
    Phase II

  *Register by July 18

  • Our office can make accommodations for other days in August, September, October, and even November. Contact us to discuss other dates that may be more suitable for your recruiting timeline.

Registration Fees 

  • $400.00 per interview room, per day for employers with 100+ attorneys firm wide
  • $300.00 per interview room, per day for employers with 26-100 attorneys firm wide
  • $250.00 per interview room, per day for employers with 25 or fewer attorneys firmwide
  • There is no fee for government and public interest employers.

Resume Collects & Direct Sends 

Employers unable to recruit on campus may request a resume collect or direct send. There is no cost for an application collection or the advertisement of an opportunity. 


Registration to participate in LMU Loyola Law School's Fall 2022 OCI can be accessed here.


Should you have any questions about OCI, please reach out to Felicia Rodriguez.

Felicia Rodriguez
Career Development Office
Main: (213) 736-1150
Fax:   (213) 385-5133
Email: felicia.rodriguez@lls.edu 

Standards for Use of Placement Services & Complaint Procedures

LMU Loyola Law School's "Standards for Use of Placement Services and Complaint Procedures" outlines the guidelines for students, employers and the Law School in handling student complaints related to on-campus recruitment. View our policy.   

Non-Discrimination Policy

LMU Loyola Law School is a member of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP) and the Association of American Law Schools (AALS) and adheres to a policy of non-discrimination in the hiring, compensation, work assignment or promotion of any person on the basis of sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, race, color, religious creed, national origin, disability, marital, parental or veteran status or the prejudice of clients.

NOTE: An exception to the LMU Loyola Law School Career Development Office non-discrimination policy and AALS bylaws is granted to representatives of the U.S. Department of Defense who discriminate on a basis not permitted by Loyola’s non-discrimination policy or AALS bylaws. The exception is currently made in order to avoid the loss of funds that would otherwise be imposed under the Solomon Amendment (enacted by Congress in 1996).