On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

OCI is one of the recruiting programs we employ to help students get jobs. It is a job application process through which law firms and other private companies, government agencies, and public interest organizations recruit students. Most of the jobs listed are for JD students for the summer after their 2L year, but there are employers who target 3Ls and Tax LL.M. students for post-graduate positions. Many of the summer jobs for 2Ls have the potential to lead to post­graduate offers. Career Development coordinates OCI twice a year.

Eligibility for the January/Spring 2021 Virtual OCI Program

January 2021 Virtual OCI* is open to JD students attending LMU Loyola Law School during the Spring 2021 semester as a 2L (2D/3E, Class of 2022) or 3L (3D/4E, Class of 2021), regardless of rank.

  • *Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the typical Fall Phase I, originally scheduled for July 2020, was moved to January 2021. We expect most large firms to participate in January.  Large firms are typically more selective in their recruiting than most other employer types, so we expect January OCI to be more competitive. We encourage all students OCI eligible to participate in OCI regardless of their class ranking, as many other employers utilize this program to recruit, including Small/Mid-Size Firms, Government Agencies, Public Interest Organizations, and Businesses.

Spring 2021 Virtual OCI is open to JD students attending LMU Loyola Law School during the Spring 2021 semester as a 1L (1D/2E, Class of 2023), 2L (2D/3E, Class of 2022) or 3L (3D/4E, Class of 2021), regardless of rank. This is the first OCI program in which 1L students can participate.

  • Employers primarily seek 1Ls/2Ls (Class of 2022) for Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 employment. Employers seeking 3Ls may be offering post-Bar positions.

Students enrolled during the Spring 2021 semester in the LL.M., Tax LL.M., Doctor of Juridical Science, Master in Taxation, and Master of Science in Legal Studies programs are also eligible for either program, but should note that the vast majority of employers who utilize OCI for recruitment target JD students.

Other Eligibility Notes:

  • Joint degree students (JD/MBA, JD/LLM), students returning from a leave of absence, and internal transfer students who transfer from Day to Evening or vice versa are classified as a 2L or 3L according to the anticipated graduation date they report to the Registrar.
  • Outgoing transfer students are eligible to bid on all employers participating in OCI; those who decide to transfer out must participate in OCI at their new school-not at Loyola.
  • Visiting students who wish to participate in OCI must maintain the same status (full-time or part-time) as they do at their home law school and must carry the minimum unit load required by Loyola: 12 for full-time and 8 for part-time.

OCI Information and Resources:

Look for your program type and class level for the correct information. Students in a joint JD/LL.M. program, refer by your JD class level.

JD 1L (1D/2E) Students:

JD 2L (2D/3E) & 3L (3D/4E) Students:

LL.M. Students: