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LawKick is an online marketplace where lawyers and clients can easily find each other. Essentially how it works is a potential client comes to, submits their information via a virtual consultation and the lawyer reviews the client info and decides if he wants to take on the case/project. If the lawyer is interested, he will submit a bid (his estimate of fees - either hourly, flat rate, or contingency) and the client can hire the lawyer he likes best.

Because both of the co-founders are Loyola alumni, LawKick is willing to offer the online service for free for a limited time to fellow Loyola alumni. For more information, visit or email


Lisa Aronson, a graduate of Loyola Law School (evening program, 1983) and clinical child psychologist, announces the forthcoming publication (Fall 2013, through Amazon) of "A School Counsellor Casebook," co-authored by Vikram Patel, MD, Lisa Aronson, MSW, JD, PhD and Gauri Divan, MD. Dr. Aronson initiated this casebook during her Fulbright Nehru Scholarship year in Goa, India where she participated in school based counseling interventions and training. This casebook is a resource for supervised paraprofessionals and mental health providers who provide mental health services for school going youth experiencing distress, disorders or disabilities.


Julie A. Goren, ‘87, cum laude, St. Thomas More Honor Society, is offering a 10% discount on Litigation By The Numbers® "the essential up-to-date California civil litigation handbook."

  • 460 pages devoted solely to CA civil litigation procedure
  • Leads quickly to the applicable Court Rule and C.C.P.
  • Warns about important filing and service deadlines
  • Includes 10 pages on step-by-step calendaring in state court
  • Identifies the right Judicial Council form for the task
  • Absolutely current!  Includes C.C.P. §12c, Expedited Jury Trial Act, eFiling, eDiscovery, eService, etc.
  • For attorneys, paralegals, secretaries – the entire office staff

"LBTN has been the single most valuable book that I have purchased since becoming an attorney (and I've purchased quite a few). I cannot believe this is not taught in law school."   Eric Rechsteiner, Esq.

“This book has made training legal staff on how to do their daily tasks immeasurably easier.  I would highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to minimize the time necessary to get the staff up to speed on legal procedures."  Steven G. Mehta, Esq.

"I love your handbook!  I turn to it constantly for answers that would take me hours of research to find otherwise. I know that I can find either an answer or a place to start inside. Thank you for doing all the work for us!"  Tori Buckles, Esq.

Litigation By The Numbers® retails for only $130.00 plus tax and shipping. To view excerpts, more testimonials, and to order at the Loyola discount, please visit or call (818) 787-9799.

Private Tutoring

"BAR WITH BOBBY: Proven passing strategies for the CA Bar Exam. Private Tutoring from Bobby Doustkam, Esq., a Loyola Alumni, focusing on all 3 sections of the Bar Exam. Each student is provided with their own personal workspace and 24-hour access to the Bar With Bobby Center, conveniently located one block from Loyola Law School where they can study under the supervision of Bobby. Find out exactly what the Bar Exam graders are looking for and develop the skills to maximize your success on the Bar Exam. Class size is limited to 12 students, so contact Bobby immediately for a free consultation. Or, visit our website at

Invitation from is cost saving service that makes it easy to build out a web presence without spending tons of money on a website.  
Here’s how it works:

You sign up for a FREE listing and we’ll publish your profile with bio, testimonials, picture and contact info on and on keyword targeted websites in your area. 

Consumers then go onto your sites and ask legal questions related to your practice. 28,500 questions have been asked so far.

You answer these questions by simply replying to emails. You can even do it on your Blackberry, iPhone, or other mobile device.

Answering questions connects you with prospective clients, shows off your legal knowledge, and drastically increases your web visibility. And the more you answer, the more exposure you get; so you are in control.

Best of all, LawQA is fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you can have your answers automatically populate as wall posts and tweets.  LawQA markets your practice without having to constantly updating your social network presence.

Call (888) 830-5123 or email, if you have any questions or want to set up your free profile. 

Legal Research Services

Loyola 84' Cum Laude will research your legal issue.
Call Elena at 310-375-0747 or email

20% discount to Loyola Alumni

LawScribe Services

Kunoor Chopra, Loyola Alumni from the Class of 1998, is founder and President of LawScribe, Inc, a company which provides complete back office support for both solo practitioners and law firms. These services range from legal transcription, accounting/billing, deposition summarizing, document coding and indexing, data entry and internet clerks. LawScribe can effectively reduce overhead costs associated with maintaining a law practice by 30 to 40%. Please visit the website at or contact LawScribe, Inc. at (818) 448-5592.


CourtCall originated the regularly scheduled, organized and voluntary method for attorneys to make appearances by teleconference and provides revenue for the Court, with no risk or expense, while reducing the cost of litigation and burdens on courtroom staff. CourtCall, LLC administers and promotes the entire program at its expense. Hundreds of thousands of CourtCall Appearances have been in Courts 42 states, collectively saving lawyers hundreds of thousands of hours and their clients tens of millions of dollars.

Newdorf Legal

David Newdorf, a deputy city attorney in San Francisco, has started a website with trial and litigation news and tips. The site includes the feature "Lit Tip Of The Week," practical advice for litigators. This new site has already been quoted in The Recorder and the website of the Civil Justice Association of California.  As David states in the website's description, the site is dedicated "to the attorneys, judges, clients and cases that make San Francisco a fascinating venue for trials. Every day brings a new courtroom drama, civic scandal, or fresh take on the law." Check it out at:


After 16 years as a Deputy District Attorney and 21 years on the bench Judge Dennis Choate (Ret.) Class of 1972 has started a rent-a-judging business. No case too big, no case too small, for more information call 949-863-9800 or e-mail


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