Mentor Program

Mentor Program and "Let's Meet" Brunch


2019-2020 First-Year Student & Alumni Mentor Program

Alumni are needed to serve as mentors to first year students. The new academic year is in full swing, and your sage advice and experience would be a value-added bonus for 1L students seeking guidance. The Mentor Program is spearheaded by the Alumni Association Board of Governors, which will host a "Let's Meet" brunch on Sunday, October 13, 2019 to help facilitate the first meeting of mentors and students.

Here is what is involved: Alumni are asked to make a one-year commitment. Mentors and students are free to determine how, when and where to meet based on a schedule that works best for both. It can be in-person for lunch or through email exchanges. Consistently over the years, Loyola's first-year law students have expressed gratitude for the support, personal encouragement, professional guidance and friendship mentors provide.

Please consider becoming a mentor. Register as a mentor today and we hope to see you at the brunch on October 13th.