Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law Specialization

Loyola's Master of Science in Legal Studies (MLS) with a ‌ will be useful to you in advancing a career in a myriad of industries including technology, entertainment, science, social media, and innovation.  Technological innovation and advancement is only accelerating, and new ideas need protection.  Technology and social media are enabling rapid distribution of entertainment content to phones, laptops and tablets worldwide, and the resulting legal issues surface daily.  An MLS with a specialization in Intellectual Property will equip you with knowledge and skills to manage these challenging and evolving issues.

The MLS program can be completed in one year, full-time or over the course of two years, part-time. Loyola offers evening courses as well as traditional day courses to provide greater flexibility for your schedule and lifestyle. 

The MLS Intellectual Property Specialization offers a breadth and depth of courses to meet the needs of professionals across the industry.  

The Intellectual Property Law Specialization will be recognized upon the satisfactory completion of 18 units of coursework in addition to the first-year course in Property, and Legal Methods I and Legal Methods II.  This includes 10-11 units of required courses and 7-8 units of electives. 

Required Courses

  • Property (5 units)
  • Legal Methods I (2 units) 
  • Legal Methods II (2 units)
  • Copyright Law (3 units) 
  • Trademark Law (3 units)
  • Patent Law