JD Recruitment Events

Members of the JD Admissions Team will attend virtual fairs hosted by colleges and universities and in-person LSAC Forums across the United States this fall. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and answer any questions you may have about the admissions process and programs we offer.

New events and updates will be added throughout the fall. Below is the current fall 2021 recruitment schedule.


* Attendance is subject to change 



September 10 LSAC Digital Forum (Virtual) 
September 14 Chico State University Graduate School Fair (Virtual)
September 17 HBCU Pre-Law Summit (Virtual)
September 18 WCC Mock Admissions Committee & Law Fair (Virtual) 
September 21 Villanova Law Fair (Virtual)
September 22 California State University, Dominguez Hills Grad Fair (Virtual)
September 24 Albany Law Fair (Virtual)
September 25 LSAC Forum - Chicago (In-Person) *
September 27 Syracuse Law Fair (Virtual)
September 28 Cornell Law Fair (Virtual)
September 28 MAPLA (Virtual)
September 29 Binghamton Law Fair (Virtual) 
September 29 San Diego State Grad Fair (Virtual)
September 30 California State University, San Bernardino Grad Fair (Virtual)
September 30 University of California, Merced Law Fair (Virtual)
October 1 LMU Loyola Law School Application Workshop (Virtual)
October 4 El Pueblo Unido Pre-Law Fair (Virtual) 
October 5 California State University, Northridge (Virtual) 
October 6 California Lutheran University Fair (Virtual) 
October 6 University of Miami Grad Fair (Virtual) 
October 6 Greater Pittsburgh Law Fair
October 8 University of Notre Dame (Virtual) 
October 8 LSAC Forum - San Francisco (In-Person) * 
October 10 PRLDEF Law Fair (Virtual) 
October 13 California State University, Long Beach Fair (Virtual) 
October 13 Mount Saint Mary's University Fair  (Virtual) 
October 13 WCC Diversity & 1st Gen Panel & Fair (Virtual) 
October 15 LMU Loyola Law School Campus Tour (In-Person) *
October 18  WCC - Financing Your Legal Education & Law Student Panel (Virtual) 
October 19 Philadelphia Law Fair (Virtual) 
October 20 Loyola Marymount University Graduate School Day (Virtual) 
October 20 University of California, Berkeley Fair (Virtual) 
October 20 University of California, Davis Fair (Virtual)
October 20 University of Southern California Grad Fair (Virtual)
October 20 Michigan State Grad Fair (Virtual) 
October 21 Morehouse Law Fair (Virtual)
October 22 LMU Loyola Law School Campus Tour (In-Person) *
October 23 Diversity Pre-Law Symposium & Pre-Law Fair
October 26 University California, Santa Cruz Law Fair (Virtual) 
October 28 WCC - System Impacted Applicants Panel & Law Fair (Virtual) 
October 28 LMU Loyola Law School Campus Tour (In-Person)*
October 30 LMU Loyola Law School Open House (Virtual) 
November 1 University of California, Irvine Law Fair (Virtual) 
November 3 University of California, Riverside Grad Fair (Virtual) 
November 3 North Carolina Law Schools Fair (Virtual)
November 4 California State University, Bakersfield Grad Fair (Virtual)
November 4 Phi Alpha Delta (Virtual)
November 5 & 6  LSAC Forum - New York (In-Person) *
November 10 Los Angeles Community College Law Careers Night
November 11 University of California Pre-Law Society Law Forum (In-Person)*
November 13 LSAC Forum- Los Angeles (In-Person)*
November 12 LMU Loyola Law School Virtual Campus Tour (Virtual)
November 16 California State University, Fullerton Law Day (Virtual)
November 17 University of Hawaii Manoa (Virtual)
November 18 WCC Financing Your Legal Education (Virtual)
November 18 Western Washington University Law Fair (Virtual)
November 19 LMU Loyola Law School Application Workshop (Virtual) 
November 19 National Black Pre Law Conference & Law Fair (Virtual)
November 20 Ron Brown Prep Program (Virtual) 
December 4 LSAC Digital Forum (Virtual)