The Host University

The Host University

The host institution is Bar Ilan University Faculty of Law.

The parent institution, Bar Ilan University, is a public research university enrolling approximately 26,000 bachelors, masters, Ph.D., and professional school students, offered by eight faculties, including humanities, engineering, and medicine, as well as law.

The Faculty of Law, established in 1984, has 38 faculty members, nearly all of whom hold a doctorate and many of whom have taught in American law schools. The faculty's scholarship is robust. They present their works at conferences worldwide and post often on For example, the incoming dean, Dr. Oren Perez, lists 45 environmental law, international law, and legal theory articles at And, for example, Dr. Avi Bell's articles appear in Chicago, Columbia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Yale (often co-authored with Dr. Gideon Parchomovsky, a Pennsylvania faculty member, who retains a joint appointment at BIU).

The Faculty of Law has the Global Law Forum (among its several research forums) that brings together international law expertise from Dr. Sivan Shlomo-Agon (international economic law), Dr. Avi Bell (public international law), Dr. Ziv Bohrer (law of war), Dr. Tsilly Dagan (international tax law), Dr. Oren Perez (transnational law, international environmental law), and Dr. Arie Reich (international economic law, international dispute resolution). Also noteworthy is the Faculty of Law's several members who work in dispute resolution, including Dr. Michal Alberstein, who received a major grant to establish JCR Collaboratory, Drs. Arie Reich and Sivan Shlomo-Agon, who work on international dispute resolution, and Dr. Hadar Dancig-Rosenberg, now on leave at Berkeley, who writes about restorative criminal justice.

Faculty members are engaged in social justice activities. For example, Dr. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari, represented Israel at CEDA W and continues her prominent scholarship and activism in feminist issues. Faculty members expertise is honored. For example, Dr. Gideon Sapir, was earlier this year a finalist for appointment to the Supreme Court of lsrael.

The Bar Ilan faculty members who teach in the program receive excellent evaluations. They and others provide attractive opportunities for research collaboration.