Loyola Law Review

Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review promotes scholarship in the national legal community by publishing articles and critical analyses on developing areas of law. Law Review is a quarterly journal featuring articles by prominent educators, judges, attorneys and Loyola students.

  • Law Review gives staff members the opportunity to improve their research, writing and analytical skills. Prospective employers seek out Law Review staff members because they recognize the proficiency that journal experience fosters in these areas. Law Review also offers staff members the opportunity to develop relationships with other students dedicated to studying and advancing legal thought. Further, staff members can access the valuable network of Law Review alumni already working in courts, law firms, business and academia.

  • Law Review is a year-long commitment beginning as early as mid-July. Before fall classes begin, you will attend orientation and training sessions, complete cite-checking assignments on articles scheduled for fall publication, and work a specified number of office hours in the Law Review office.

  • Staff members are crucial to the researching and editing of scholarly articles selected for publication. Each week, staff members put in a minimum of three office hours and complete an assignment verifying and correcting legal citations in these articles. Initially, a cite-checking assignment may take up to eight hours to complete. However, as staff members gain more experience with these assignments, the time necessary to complete them will decrease. Four Saturdays per year, staff members and editors participate in mandatory day-long production sessions. In addition, staff members may be required to complete a specified number of office hours during winter break.

    Staff members must comply with Law Review’s writing requirement. A staff member may fulfill the Law Review writing requirement in one of three ways: (1) by electing to write one Note on a timely and significant legal issue; (2) by electing to write two Case Comments on recent and noteworthy cases; or (3) by being selected to participate in the writing and publication of the “Developments in the Law” issue. If properly completed, the student’s work will simultaneously fulfill the upper division writing requirement (UDWR), as well as the Law Review writing requirement. Staff members who have already fulfilled the writing requirement are still required to participate to receive course credit for Law Review. In addition, the student’s work may not be a paper written for a prior or concurrent class. All student scholarship may be submitted for consideration for publication in the Law Review.

    Staff members who satisfactorily complete all of the Law Review requirements receive two units of credit per semester.

  • In the spring, staff members may apply for editorial positions for the following year. The current editorial board handles editor selection for the upcoming year. Editors who complete their required duties receive three units of credit per semester.

    If you have any questions about Law Review, please feel free to stop by the office on the second floor of Founders Hall or call us at 213.736.1125. We strongly encourage your participation in the write-on competition and we welcome the opportunity to work with you next year.