The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, France, holds an International Commercial Mediation Competition each year. The Competition is the most prestigious mediation competition in the world and regularly draws top practitioners from around the world to serve as judges and mock mediators. The competition typically draws teams from more than 60 schools located in more than 30 different countries, and is one of only a handful of offerings at the law school that bring students into contact with a wide variety of legal traditions and cultures from around the world.

In the competition, students take the role of lawyer and client for one side of a dispute. They have 80 minutes to negotiate against a competing team in front of a practicing mediator. During an extensive coaching and training process that takes place during the fall semester and the first week of January, students learn negotiation and problem solving skills that will help them become better advocates in the mediation process. These skills include effectively asserting the client’s underlying interests (not just their legal positions and arguments), generating creative options that help preserve business relationships, and negotiation/bargaining. In this respect the competition is different from other offerings at the law school where students train to become the mediator. Each team is also required to submit a short Mediation Plan in advance of each mediation session.

The Law School has participated in the competition since 2018.

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Size of the team: 2-4 students

Units: 1-3 units at the election of the student, in the Fall semester

Pre-requisites: While there is no specific pre-requisite, students are encouraged to take “Introduction to Negotiations,” “Negotiation Intensive Workshop,” “Mediation,” or “Mediation Advocacy/Mediation Advocacy for Litigators.”

Faculty Supervision: Professor Hiro Aragaki

Application: Tryouts for the Loyola ICC Mediation Team are held simultaneously every year in early April. Look out for announcements of dates of try outs.