1L / 2E Closing Argument Competition

The 1L/2E Closing Argument Competition will be taking place on April 3, 2024.

There will be an info session on Wednesday, March 20th at noon. A recording of the info session is posted on the "Tryout Information" page.

Once you register to compete you should access the State v. Lu case file for this competition.

Click here to sign up. Deadline to sign up is Monday, April 1st at 4:00 pm.

State v. Lu Case File

Your job is to prepare a 5 minute closing argument for either the prosecution or the defense. You can choose your side.

***On the Byrne Team tryout page, there is a training video on how to draft and how to perform a closing argument. Please watch this video.

Then you should draft your five minute closing argument and memorize it, since you will be asked to present your closing argument without notes.

Make sure your closing argument is NOT a recitation of the facts (that's an opening statement).  It should be a series of arguments on why the jury should return the verdict you request.  Use your important facts within the arguments.  Don't forget to deal with your bad facts as well.  Convince us that even with those facts, you should still win.  Use jury instructions (or parts of an instruction) and feel free to paraphrase as long as you are not changing the meaning.  Use exhibits if they help your arguments.  No advocate may create any additional exhibits or demonstratives.

Closing arguments should be persuasive and easy to understand.  Use simple, clear language and avoid all legalese.  Have confidence and conviction.  Be sincere and be real. You must be dressed appropriately for court (so in a suit.) 

***You are welcome to talk to or get advice from current or past Byrne Team or Scott team members before writing your closing or on performance, but you may not ask for or receive any advice or feedback on your written closing argument. You must write the closing on your own.

A good text on Trial Advocacy with a chapter on closing argument is Mauet, Trial Techniques and Trials.  A copy should be available in the library.

If you have any questions, please contact John.Henry@lls.edu.