A minimum of 16 units of qualifying courses is required for the IP Concentration, along with the Research Component. For students in the Patent & Technology Sub-Concentration, 12 of the 16 units must be taken from the courses listed below. The remaining 4 units must be taken from courses listed in the list of qualifying courses for the IP Concentration.  At least one starred course (*) must be taken in each category. All other IP Concentration requirements must be satisfied.

Core Coursei

Key Electives (2-9 units)

Other Electives (2-6 units)

Capstones (1 required)

  • Federal Court Externship - Patent Pilot Program (*)
  • Patent/Tech-related IP Externship/Internship (2) (*)
  • IP Internship/Externshipxiii
  • Patent Prosecution Practicum (3) (*)
  • USPTO Patent Experience Extern Program (0-6)xv (*)


iPatent Litigation or Patent Prosecution may substitute for Patent Law with Advisor's approval.

ivMay be offered as Antitrust in a Global Context. Any of the Antitrust electives may substitute for this course. Only 1 Antitrust class can be counted toward the concentration. Global Antitrust has also been offered as Comparative Antitrust some semesters.

vThis course may be taken either as a first year elective or upper-level course, but not both.  

viThis course may be taken either as a first year elective or upper class course, but not both. It may not be taken after completion of Copyright, Patent or Trademark Law.

xiiiExternship must be pre-approved by Faculty Advisor to count toward the concentration or sub-concentrations.

xvThis externship is offered only at the US Patent & Trademark Office, in Alexandria, VA. Students can earn up to 6 credit units for successful completion.