The Fashion Law curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills and experience necessary to excel.

The Fashion Law curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills and experience necessary to excel in this burgeoning industry. Loyola offers courses on a variety of topics that pertain to a fashion law attorney: branding, contracts, intellectual property, celebrity endorsement and legal issues in the modeling industry.

Fashion Law

This seminar explores issues that fashion brands encounter daily and surveys the fundamental areas of law a fashion lawyer must know to resolve those issues. Students develop an understanding of brand building (including licensing), celebrity endorsement and promotions, employment law and agreements, fashion financing, import and export rules and regulations and intellectual property (including counterfeit) in connect of the fashion industry. Current issues will also be emphasized in class discussion. The casebook will be supplemented by case law, agreements, articles and pleadings. The completion of Copyright Law, Trademark Law or Intro to IP is preferred.

Fashion Law Business Transactions

At the completion of the course, students will understand the anatomy of a business contract, how to prepare and cross reference term sheets, product and retail license agreements (copyright/trademark/design patent), domestic and international distribution agreements, showroom agreements, sales representation agreements, cross-border choice of law/dispute resolution/tribunal determinations and regulatory compliance.

Fashion Law Clinic

The purpose of this clinic is to provide students with "hands-on" training in areas of fashion law that junior lawyers will most likely encounter in the work place. The clinic will pair students with fashion students/entrepreneurs from Los Angeles' various fashion colleges and launch pads, so that Loyola's students are the lawyers and the fashion students are the clients.

This class will take several topics covered in fashion law, provide a deeper understanding of those areas of law and allow students to use the knowledge in a practical way. This clinic will also help build connections between Loyola and the fashion community and allow students to meet, understand and assist fashion students, who could become future clients one day.

Fashion Modeling Law

This course is designed for students interested in representing a fashion client in the modeling industry. Specifically, the course looks at the fashion model and the modeling agency, with emphasis placed on the fashion model. We explore the legal issues the fashion model is confronted with during three key phases of her career: breaking into the industry, establishing her career and finally exiting and expanding into other business ventures.

As part of these key phases, the class explores the legal structure of modeling agencies as business entities, modeling agency contracts, employment status of models (ex. independent contractors v. employees), weight issues, intellectual property issues affecting models, photographers and the agency relationship and a host of pertinent legal issues the fashion model confronts in the industry. A basic knowledge of contract law, torts and civil procedure is advised for a student taking this course.