Collateral Consequences of Conviction Justice Project


Elie Miller, Kimberley Guillemet and Sean Kennedy
CCCJP Supervising Attorney Elie Miller, Director of the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Reentry Kimberley Guillemet and CJLP Director Sean Kennedy

The dire consequences of a felony conviction last far longer than the years spent in prison and time spent under post-release supervision. In addition to those direct punishments, returning citizens are often denied licenses for many jobs, lose their right to vote, are separated from their families, denied driver’s licenses and denied housing. In response to the pervasive, negative and stifling impact these collateral consequences of conviction have on formerly incarcerated community members, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti is partnering with Loyola Law School to offer the Collateral Consequences of Conviction Justice Project (CCCJP). The Clinic will provide free legal representation to individuals with past criminal justice involvement to assist them in navigating and overcoming many of the collateral consequences of conviction with the goal of facilitating successful reintegration into society.

  • The Project will offer the following services:
  • State Licensing Board Discipline and Revocation Appeals
  • Proposition 47 Outreach & Petition Filing
  • Expungement Services (California Penal Code 1203.4 and 1203.4(a))
  • Termination of Probation and Felony Reduction Petition Filing, where appropriate
  • Traffic Ticket Amnesty (before sunset date)/DMV Negotiation and Support, where appropriate

By removing these significant barriers to employment and other areas, the Project will assist formerly incarcerated Angelenos secure employment, self-sufficiency and stability.

This reentry representation-project will train and supervise attorneys and law students to provide pro bono representation of Los Angeles residents seeking to expunge or seal their prior convictions and trying to obtain or restore a license that has been negatively impacted by prior convictions. The CCCP project will receive referrals from all interested community organizations, but will prioritize referrals from the Office of Reentry, Mayor's Office of Economic Opportunity.