Summer Job Diaries 2017

2017 Summer Job Diaries 

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles students participate in a wide range of summer jobs with the help of the school’s Career Development Office. Ranging from cyber placements via the Technology Internship Program to positions in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, students truly make the City of Los Angeles their summer classroom.

Loyola's Career Development Office, Public Interest Law Department and Private Field Placement Office are among the departments that help students secure positions in public interest legal agencies, law departments, firms and court chambers. Graduates seeking employment benefit from the school's Resident Associate Program and other avenues for full-time employment.

Jennifer Cooper

Entertainment Law Student Sees Future of Film Industry at IMAX

Yvette Gabrielian

Student Applies Cybersecurity Concentration Skills to Summer Job

Sam Donohue

Rising Second-Year Student Makes a Federal Case out of Summer Job 

Sayeh Dalen

As Legislative Intern, Student Sees Full Cycle of a Law

Mark Goshgarian '19

Student Exercises Legal Writing Skills in FTC Internship

Hanna Sherman

Cybersecurity Student Lands in D.A.’s High Tech Crimes Unit

Gaganjot Batth

Aspiring Prosecutor Gains Courtroom Experience 

Elizabeth Wang

Summer Job at Getty Images Fuses Art & the Law

Spencer Sharpe

Aspiring Prosecutor Lands in Court as DA Intern