The Registrar's Team


Mr. Wesley B. Holland
(213) 736-1013

Examinations; Visiting Away (fall and spring semesters); Degree Audit Advising; The 3.5 Program; Curricular Advising; Transfer Student Advising; Web Page Management; General Questions. 

Assistant Registrar

Mr. Jerome Thompson
(213) 736-1016

Grading, Student Ranking, Manage Exam Print Processing; First Honors; Faculty Evaluations; Degree Audit Advising; Academic Awards; Provide Ad Hoc Reports; General Questions.

Student Records Coordinator for Registration

Mr. Justin Melchor
(213) 736-1014

Registration; Graduation Requirements; Visiting Away for the Summer Session; Posting Transfer Credits; Degree Audit Advising; Scantron Exam Processing; Provide Ad Hoc Reports; General Questions.

Academic Records Coordinator

(213) 736-1015

Transcripts, Bar Certifications; Manage Bar Forms; Graduation and Attendance Vertification; Certification for Veterans Administration; Research of Archival Student Records; General Questions.