Bar Courses

Courses Related to Subjects Tested on the California Bar

Course Title Required 
 or  Elective 
 Tested on  Essay  and/or
 Performance  Exam
 Tested on  Multistate ASP Bar  Elective  Course
Business Associations  Elective Yes No Yes
California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure   Elective Yes No Yes
Civil Procedure  Required Yes Yes No
Constitutional Law Survey  Required Yes Yes No
Contracts  Required Yes Yes No
Criminal Law  Required Yes Yes No
Criminal Procedure  Elective Yes Yes Yes
Ethical Lawyering  Required Yes No No
Evidence  Required Yes Yes No
First Amendment Survey  Elective Yes Yes Yes
Law of Sales: Domestic and International
 Elective  Yes  Yes  Yes
Marital Property  Elective Yes No Yes
Property  Required Yes Yes No
Property II: Estates and Future Interests  Elective Yes Yes Yes
Remedies  Elective Yes No Yes
Torts  Required Yes Yes No
Torts II  Elective Yes Yes Yes
Trusts and Wills  Elective Yes No Yes

Courses that Develop Skills Relevant to the Performance Exam

Subject Required or ElectiveASP Bar Elective Course
Case Management: Torts  Elective No
Civil Discovery  Elective No
Conflict of Laws  Elective Yes
Fundamentals of Bar Examination Writing*    Elective No
Appellate Advocacy  Elective No
Legal Drafting  Elective No
Legal Research and Writing  Required No
Property II: Estates and Future Interests  Elective Yes
Trial Advocacy  Elective No
* ASP students are required to complete Fundamentals of Bar Examination Writing plus 6 Bar elective courses.
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