Changes to 2012 SP

2012 Spring - Schedule Changes

Spring 2012
CourseCourse #ProfessorDayTimeLocationChange
Accounting for Lawyers4B05 E1NechesT6:00p-8:00p-Moved from Hall of the 80's to TAC
Admiralty Law4G12 D1McDermottR1:10p-3:10pBannanCourse has been cancelled
Advanced Topics in Alternative Dispute Resolution4J82 D1AragakiR9:50a-11:50a-Moved from F126 to C003
Bankruptcy Taxation4N26 D1KowalM1:10p-3:10p-Moved from C002 to C402
Bioethics and the Law Seminar4I22 D1ClarkTR1:10p-2:40p-Moved from C401 to C003
Civil Procedure1J01 D1GoldbergMW8:15a-9:30aH80Time changed from 8:30a-9:30a to 8:15a- 9:30a
Civil Procedure1J01 D2IdesMR, F10:50a-11:50a, 9:25a-10:25a-Friday classes moved from G102 to Donovan Hall
Civil Procedure1J01 D4CaplanTR-H70Time changed from 4:40p-5:40p to 4:50p to 5:50p.
Civil Procedure1J01 E1VairoTR6:00p-7:15p-Moved from H70 to Donovan
Clerkship & Advanced Legal Writing Seminar4J84E1CenterT6:00p-8:00p-Moved from F126 to C002
Climate Change and the Law4E15 D1TrisoliniT1:10p-3:10pF126Course has been cancelled
Comparative Law4G14 D1GrossiTR9:50a-11:50a-Moved from G202 to F126
Constitutional Law II2C02 E1StraussTR6:00p-8:00p-Moved from G202 (C'90) to Merrifield Hall
Contracts1B01 E1HullsMW--Time changed from 8:10p-9:25p to 7:45p-9:00p and moved from G102 to Donovan Hall.
Crime and Social Justice4D20 D1BeresMW9:00a-10:30aC003Course has been cancelled
Criminal Procedure 4D07 D3 Levenson TR3:20p-5:20p -Moved from B206 to Merrifield Hall 
Death Penalty Law Seminar4D05E1KennedyR8:10p-10:10p-Moved from F236 to C004
Education Law4I17E1FathereeR6:00p-8:00p-Moved from F126 to C002
Elder Law4I08 D1PhelpsM3:20p-5:20p-Moved from B249 to F236
Electronic Discovery4P16 E1NguyenW8:10p-10:10pC403Course has been cancelled
Empirical Legal Studies4J80 D1Petherbridge/ West-FaulconTR9:50a-11:50aF236Course has been cancelled
Employment Discrimination Law4I21 D1West-FaulconTR3:20p-5:20p-Moved from G302 to F126
Entertainment Law Practicum4F13 E1DoughertyR6:00p-8:00p-Moved from C403 to B249
Estate and Gift Taxation I4N03 D1AprillT3:20p-5:20p-Moved from F126 to B206
Ethical Lawyering2J04 D1BlancoMW8:00a-9:30aG302Course has been cancelled
Ethical Lawyering2J04 D6BlancoMW8:00a-9:30aG302Time has been changed from 8:15a-9:45a to 8:00a-9:30a
First Amendment Survey4C22 D1GerstmannMW10:20a-11:50a-Moved from G302 to F126
Global Antitrust Law and Policy4A20E1KesselmanR8:10p-10:10p-Moved from F126 to G302
Health Care Organizations4I52 E1Levy-BiehlR8:10p-10:10p-Moved from C002 to C004
Human Trafficking Seminar4I58 D1KimT1:10p-2:40p-Moved from C003 to F236
Income Taxation Planning of Real Estate Transactions4N33E1HoloW6:00p-8:00p-Moved from F236 to C403
Insurance Law4B08E1HeesemanT8:10p-10:10p-Moved from F236 to G302
Intelligence, Testing and the Law4I63 D1West-FaulconR9:50a-11:50aF236Course has been cancelled
Introduction to Empirical Legal Studies4J88 D1Petherbridge/West-FaulconR9:50a-11:50aF236Course has been cancelled
Introduction to International Law1G10 D1GlazierT, F10:00a-11:30a, 10:40a-12:10p-Moved from B249 to G102 (RC)
Introduction to Negotiations4J08 D1BrittT9:50a-11:50a800 FigCourse has been cancelled
Introduction to Negotiations4J08 E2DelfinoT6:00p-8:00p-Moved from Merrifield Hall to G202 (C'90)
Introduction to Negotiations4J08 E2DelfinoT6:00p-8:00p-Moved from TAC to Merrifield Hall
Landlord/Tenant Law4L05 E1GlennM6:00p-8:00pB255Course has been cancelled
Law and Popular Culture4H16 D1RosebergT2:50p-5:50p-Moved from Hall of the 80's to G302
Law and Process1J05 D3WellsMW--Time changed from 1:10p-3:10p to 9:50a-11:50a and moves from C402 to G302.
Law of Islamic Countries4G53 D1McDermottT10:00a-12:00p-Moved from F126 to JR
Law of Sales: Domestic and International4B02 D1HullT1:10p-2:40p B255Course has been added
Laws of Video Games & Online Virtual Worlds4F31 D1Christ/GoldsteinM9:50a-11:50a-Moved from TAC to C003
Legal Drafting4J26 D2MuirM9:50a-11:50aB255Course has been added
Nonprofit Tax and Transaction Clinic4N47 E1BluesteinT6:00p-8:00p-Moved from Bannan to F126
Professional Responsibility in Practice4J71 E1KitchensM6:00p-8:00pF126Course has been cancelled
Property1L01 D4TrisoliniMR-G102Time changed from 3:05p-4:20p to 3:20p-4:35p.
Public Interest Law Practice Seminar4I30E1GilliamM6:00p-8:00p-Moved from F236 to C403
Representing Human Trafficking Survivors4I76 E1Piovia-ScottM6:00p-8:00pB249Course has been cancelled
Restorative Justice Practicum4H24 D1WoodM1:10p-3:10pF236Course has been cancelled
Scott Moot Court Honors Board999904DelfinoR6:00p-8:00p-Moved from F236 to C403
Securities Regulation4A05GuttentagTR1:10p-2:40p-Moved from F236 to C401
Special Education/Disability Rights Law4I53E1PearlmanW6:00p-8:00p-Moved from C002 to B249
State Constitutional Law4C27 E1LanstraT8:10p-10:10pC003Moved from Thursday to Tuesday
Supreme Court Seminar4C13 E1StreetR6:00p-8:00pC003Course has been cancelled
Tax Aspects of  Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions4N41E1Fung/SoukupW8:10p-10:10p-Moved from F236 to C403
Tax Law Practicum4N49 D1Henning / KowalW1:10p-3:10p-Moved from C002 to F236
Tax Policy4N02E1PrattT6:00p-8:00p-Moved from F236 to JR
Tax Strategies for the Digital Age4N46 E1BlancR8:10p-10:10pC401Course has been cancelled
The Supreme Court in Historical Context4H31 E1AxelradM8:10p-10:10pF236Course has been cancelled
Trademark Law4F05SteeleM6:00p-9:00p-Moved from C403 to C401
Transactional Negotiation Team (Practice)9999 06WarrenW6:00p-10:00p-Moved from B249 to F126
Trial Advocacy4J19 E5O'MalleyW6:00p-9:00pG202Course has been added
Trusts and Wills4L07 E1TiersmaTR6:00p-8:00p-Moved from Donovan to H70
U.S. Constitutional History4C28 D1WarnerT3:20p-5:20pC003Course has been cancelled