Changes to 2012 FA

2012 Fall - Schedule Changes

Fall 2012
CourseCourse #ProfessorDayTimeLocationChange
Admiralty Law4G12 D1McDermott, JohnMW10:20a-11:50aC003Course has been cancelled
Advocating for Vulnerable Children4I60 D1Krinsky, MiriamW1:10p-4:10pC402Course has been cancelled
Business Associations4A03 D1Pollman, ElizabethTR1:10p-3:10p-Moved from Hall of the 70s to Donovan Hall
Business Associations4A03 E1Maynard, ThereseTR6:00p-8:00p-Moved from Hall of the 70s to Donovan Hall
California Property Tax4N59 D1Davis, StephenR3:45p-5:45pB220Course has been cancelled
Child Sexual Abuse Litigation Seminar4I78 E1Karney, Shari L.M6:00p-8:00pC002Course has been cancelled
Civil Procedure1J01 D1Ides, AllanMW-H70Time changed from 10:20a-11:35a to 10:45a-12:00p
Civil Procedure1J01 D4Caplan, AaronMR4:50p-5:50p-Moved from G102 to Donovan Hall
Civil Procedure1J01 E1Vairo, GeorgeneTR6:00p-7:15p-Moved from Donovan Hall to Hall of the 70s
Communications Law4P04 D1Manheim, KarlT3:20p-4:50pR214Course has been cancelled
Contracts1B01 D3Brain, RobertMTR-H70Time changed from 1:10p-2:50p to 1:00p-2:40p
Contracts1B01 E1Scott, SeanMW8:10p-9:25p-Moved from G102 to G202
Criminal Discovery4D29 E1Shultz, MichaelW6:00p-8:00pF236Course has been cancelled
Criminal Law Motion Practice4D15 E1Ricciardulli, AlexR6:00p-9:00p-Moved from G202 to F126
Criminal Procedure4D07 E1Strauss, MarcyTR6:00p-8:00p-Moved from B240 to Hall of the 80s
Disability Rights Law4I10 E1Pearlman, Paula/ Uzeta, MichelleR6:00p-8:00pC401Course has been cancelled
Election Law/Law of the Political Process4M01 D1Levinson, Jessica A.MW1:10p-2:40pTACCourse has moved from TR 10:20a-11:50a in B210 to MW 1:10p-2:40p in TAC
Empirical Methods in the Law Seminar4J73 D1Guttentag, MichaelTR1:10p-2:40pF126Course has been cancelled
Faculty Workshops9999 03NeJaime, DouglasR11:30a-1:00pC401Moved from F236 to C401 and time changed from 11:30a-1:20p to 11:30a-1:00p
Family Law4I25 E1Cowan, DavidW6:00p-8:00p-Moved from G202 to C003
First Amendment Survey4C22 D1Gerstmann, EvanMW10:20a-11:50aB210Course has been cancelled
Fudamenatals of Solo Litigation4J76 E1Ricciardulli, AlexT6:00p-9:00p-Moved from F126 to B240
Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing4J65 D1Bakhshian/ Boylan/ TravisR2:50p-5:50p-Moved from Donovan Hall to Hall of the 70s
Immigration Consequences of Crimes4D28 E1Diamante, AlanR8:10p-10:10pB210Course has been cancelled
Immigration Law4G17 E1Nieblas Pradis, VictorMW8:10p-9:40p-Moved from C401 to G302
Introduction to Negotiations4J08 D3Britt, MaryR9:50a-11:50aB210Course has been cancelled
Law of Sales4B02 D1Hull, BryanTR10:20a-11:50a-Moved from B240 to Merrifield Hall
Laws of the Seas4G65 D1McDermott, JohnW9:50a-11:50aC003Course has been added
Legal Drafting4J26 E2King, DavidM8:10p-10:10pC003Course has been cancelled
Local Government Law4M10 D1Angeles, EduardoT3:20p-5:20pH80Course has been cancelled
Mediation4J59 D1Culbert, MaryW-Fig 800 ATime changed from 2:15p-5:15p to 1:00p-4:00p
Mediation Advocacy4J53 D1Campos, SaraW2:15p-5:15p800 Fig BCourse has been cancelled
Prisoner Civil Rights Seminar4C35 D1Goodrich, Christina / Mitchell, PaulaM3:20p-5:20pTACCourse has been cancelled
Project for the Innocent5C5 01Bazelon, Lara/ Grant, Adam/ Levenson, LaurieT12:00p-2:00p-Moved from C206 to Bannan
Property1L01 D4Seto, Theodore---Time changed from WF 3:15p-4:30p to W 3:15p-4:30p, F 1:10p-2:25p and moved from Donovan Hall to G102
Property1L01 E1Trisolini, KatherineMW6:00p-7:15p-Moved from G102 to Hall of the 80s
Reality TV and New Media Production and Distribution4F37 E1Straus, NewelM8:10p-10:10p-Moved from G302 to C401
Representing Human Trafficking Survivors4I76 E1Piovia-Scott, Joshua/ Richard, StephanieM6:00p-8:00pC004Course has been cancelled
Sexual Orientation and the Law Seminar4I12 E1Gilliam, JamesR8:10p-10:10p-Moved from F126 to F236
Trial Advocacy4J19 D3Iversen, GuyM5:30p-8:30p-Moved from G202 to G102