Graduation Checklist

In order to be eligible for the degree of Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School, a student MUST complete each of the following requirements.

Please note: This checklist is intended as a summary and is accurate for most students -- but in some cases, exceptions or special circumstances apply. Your definitive source is the Student Handbook, and if you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar via the contact info at right.

— I have completed the Required Course List with a grade of C or higher. (*The policy directly below applies to all 1L -5L students.)

Effective July 2010, the minimum passing grade is C, with the following exception for required courses (i.e., Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law I (last offered 2011 Fall), Constitutional Law II (last offered 2012 Spring), Constitutional Law Survey (offered from 2011 Fall to 2014 Spring), Constitutional Law, Ethical Lawyering, Evidence, Contracts, Criminal Law, Legal Research and Writing, Property, and Torts). Any student who has a cumulative grade point average of 2.43 or lower at the conclusion of an academic year must repeat any required course for which a C (or lower) was earned during that year as well as in a subsequent year. (To clarify, once a student earns a cumulative grade point average of 2.43 or lower at the conclusion of any academic year, for the academic year in which the 2.43 or lower was earned as well as from that point onward the student must repeat any required course for which a C or lower was earned.) A student required to retake a course must do so no later than the succeeding academic year.

The student must retake the course until he/she receives a grade of at least a C+. (Reference should be made to the section on Repeating Courses, 5.8 (page 28) or online by using the 1L-5L Student Handbook).

 — I have completed the Upper Division Writing Requirement.

 — I have completed my 40 hours of Pro Bono legal services.

 — I have completed at least 87 units.

  • At least 58 units must be completed at Loyola Law School, keeping within the maximum number of units permitted for pass/fail elections, externships, and directed research (see the Pass/Fail Elections and Directed Research sections in the JD Handbook).

  — My GPA is at or above 2.33.

  — I have satisfied the Residence Requirement.

  • Day students must complete six full-time semesters.
  • Evening students must complete at least eight part-time semesters.
  • Summer terms do not count toward the residence requirement.
  • Transfer students should consult their admittance letter and the JD Handbook for their requirements.
  • Students participating in the 3.5 Program should consult their program acceptance letter and the JD Handbook for their requirements.

  — I will complete all my degree requirements before the expiration of the Five-Year Rule.

  • For example, if I started law school in August of 2010 + 5 = 2015 -- the Five-Year rule expires at the end of Summer 2015.
  • For transfer students, "started" means the year in which you began your law degree at your prior school.

  — If a student enrolled in the Academice Success Program (Reference should be made to the section on Academic Success Program, 3.13 (page 18) or online by using the 1L-5L Student Handbook), I have completed the following requirements

  — I do not have an outstanding balance on my Student Account.

  — I have completed a Financial Aid Exit Interview.

  —  I have completed a Graduate Employment Survey and (if required) a Graduate Appointment with the Office of Career Services.

    • Students who have not secured post-graduate employment of one year or longer and are still seeking employment, must schedule a brief Graduate Appointment.

    — I have been properly admitted to the Law School.

  • Willful and material misrepresentation or nondisclosure concerning qualifications for admission to the Law School are sufficient grounds for denial or revocation of the Juris Doctor degree.

 — I have notified the Office of the Registrar of any arrests, legal proceedings, bankruptcies, or other updates to my administrative files that may reflect on my moral character.

 — I have NOT already taken a bar exam (any jurisdiction).

  • Any student who takes a bar examination before satisfactorily completing all requirements for the Juris Doctor degree will not be permitted to graduate.