Professor Adam Zimmerman

Prof. Zimmerman's article, "The Corporate Settlement Mill," cited in story about GM's compensation plan

Professor Adam Zimmerman co-wrote The Coporate Settlement Mill, a paper that discusses mass settlement and no fault programs, which was referenced in a story by Claims Journal to explain the legal actions that  General Motors is taking to compensate victims of accidents caused by faulty ignition switches.


"According to a paper by Dana Remus, associate professor of law at the University of North Carolina School of Law and Adam S. Zimmerman, associate professor of law at the Los Angeles Loyola Law School, the mass settlement program created by GM is not unique."

"In their paper, The Corporate Settlement Mill, released earlier this year, the authors liken corporate mass settlement programs to no fault programs. There are benefits to this type of program over a case by case court decision basis they noted, like faster and more consistent outcomes while relieving the court system of a backlog of cases and allowing unrepresented claimants to settle their own claims."