Prof. Levinson publishes three op-eds on political reform and voting ID laws

Clinical Professor Jessica Levinson published op-eds on political reform in The Sacramento Bee, on voter ID laws in Politix and on judicial elections in the Los Angeles Times.

Excerpt from The Sacramento Bee:

"There is no amount of public campaign financing, no level of campaign contribution limits and no array of campaign disclosure laws that would thwart someone who is willing to engage in illegal arms dealing. I am talking of course about state Sen. Leland Yee."

Excerpt from Politix:

"Some have argued that voter ID laws increase confidence in, and preserve the integrity of, the elections. But we must go behind that argument. Why do people lack confidence in elections? Or why do they think they lack integrity? And more significantly, can voter ID laws solve those problems? If there is virtually non-existent voter impersonation (as there is), then at best, voter ID laws are a solution in search of a problem."

Excerpt from the Los Angeles Times

"What happens when voters lack meaningful information about candidates? We tend to vote based on factors that have little or no bearing on a candidate's qualifications. For example, there have been instances of qualified sitting judges with foreign-sounding last names being defeated by less-qualified or unqualified challengers with Anglo-Saxon-sounding names. Of course no one can definitively say that's why those candidates lost, but that's the inference."