Prof. Caplan available for commentary on Supreme Court case on public prayer

Professor Aaron Caplan is available for commentary on the U.S. Supreme Court's opinion in Town of Greece v. Galloway, in which the plaintiffs challenged a city's incorporation of prayer into its town meetings. 

Caplan explained: "The Supreme Court ruled that it does not violate the Constitution for a city to have a 'chaplain of the month' system that is truly open to a wide variety of religions. But the court warned that it would not be acceptable for government meetings to turn into a platform for religious conversions.  In recognition of the religious diversity that exists in the America, it may be more inclusive and less controversial for cities to start their meetings with a moment of silence – and that option is still allowed after this decision."

Caplan discussed the opinion on KNX-1070 AM. "If the prayer is simply saying, 'We thank our religious tradition for the opportunity to conduct a public meeting, that's OK so long as there's variety," he told reporter Jon Baird.