Loyola's Project for the Innocent challenges shaken baby syndrome on KNBC-TV

Loyola's Project for the Innocent appeared on KNBC-TV in a story on their client, Maria Mendez, who was convicted in the assault of her grandson which led to his death. Mendez was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2009. Project for the Innocent has cited scientific evidence on shaken baby syndrome which states that an adult cannot produce the force necessary to shake a baby to death.


Levenson said prosecutors blamed the grandmother because she was with the baby before he stopped breathing. Levenson also said prosecutors erroneously dismissed the baby's earlier injury - which occurred when he was not in the grandmother's care - when the baby fell off a bed onto a concrete floor.

"I think it's just a tragic accident. We always want a villain, a culprit," Levenson said. "Even though everyone hates that a baby died - that's a tragedy. It doesn't necessarily mean there was a crime."