Prof. Glazier quoted by Mother Jones in story about House of Cards

Professor David Glazier discussed the laws of war with Mother Jones in a story about the Netflix drama, House of Cards. The character, Jacqueline Sharp, ordered a number of missile strikes during wartime and Glazier comments on the likelihood of conviction under the circumstances.


"I'll have to give you the law-professor answer here, which is it depends," says David Glazier, a Loyola Law School professor and former U.S. Navy surface warfare officer. "In the scene, as you describe, there are military objectives. If these were well-armed, super-dangerous enemies in these buildings, and it was necessary to take them out to win the war, or save lives, or whatever, we'd have to assess whether civilian harm inflicted by the attack outweighed military advantage. But if there were just a couple snipers, and a whole apartment building full of civilians taking cover, then it could constitute a war crime."