Loyola professors available for commentary on Supreme Court November 2013 session cases

Loyola Law School professors are available to discusses cases scheduled to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court in its November 2013 session. Experts include: 

Monday, Nov. 4

Walden v. Fiore: Allan Ides     

Tuesday, Nov. 5

Bond v. United States: Laurie Levenson, Justin Levitt

Wednesday, Nov. 6

Greece, NY v. Galloway: Aaron Caplan, Justin Levitt

Mississippi v. AU Optronics Corp.: Georgene Vairo

Tuesday, Nov. 12

Rosemund v. United States: Laurie Levenson

Burrage v. United States: Laurie Levenson

Wednesday, Nov. 13

Fernandez v. California: Laurie Levenson, Marcy Strauss, Justin Levitt