Prof. Seto publishes op-ed on Supreme Court opinion's lasting impact on same-sex marriage

Professor Ted Seto examined the lasting impact of U.S. v. Windsor, the Supreme Court opinion striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Excerpt:

In U.S. v. Windsor, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down DOMA, the federal Defense of Marriage Act, as a "deprivation of liberty." Most news reports have focused on Windsor's implications for federal tax and benefit rules. At least as important are its implications for same-sex marriage itself. 

Technically, only Section 3 of the Act, which limited the term "marriage" to monogamous opposite-sex unions, was before the court. Nevertheless, the court's opinion, read literally, struck down the entire act: "This requires the Court to hold, as it now does, that DOMA is unconstitutional..."

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