Prof. Levinson comments on the spokesman for California Assembly Speaker John Perez

Associate Clinical Professor Jessica Levinson was quoted in The Sacramento Bee on legislative communications consultant Steven Maviglio's clientele.

Excerpt from the story, "Spokesman for California Assembly Speaker John Perez wears many hats":

It's an unusual arrangement, even in a Capitol that thrives on close relationships between elected officials and the interest groups they govern.

"It seems like he's serving two masters," said Jessica Levinson, an expert in political ethics atLoyola Law School in Los Angeles.

"He may be doing a great job serving both of them, and he may not be doing anything improper. But at the very least it feels uncomfortable and improper because he is serving a legislator and serving clients who seek to influence that legislator."

Maviglio, who managed Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson's campaigns and has held high-profile positions with two former Assembly speakers and Gov. Gray Davis, represents the American Cancer Society and the American Lung Association, which are pushing a bill to raise taxes on cigarettes. Until recently, another client paid him to promote a package of bills that would allow certain health care professionals to expand the services they can provide.