Prof. Levenson quoted on the actions of one attorney in the Zimmerman trial

Professor Laurie Levenson was quoted in BBC magazine on Mark O'Mara's new-found fame as the defense attorney for George Zimmerman in the case regarded Trayvon Martins death. 

Here is an excerpt from the story, "Zimmerman's lawyer raises profile- and incites rage":

"Celebrity journalists have an agenda," says Laurie Levenson, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, California. "They know exactly what they want to use the media for."

Mr O'Mara's racially charged comments at the press conference after the trial may have been an honest expression of his views but were not "helpful" to his client, says Ms Levenson.

"Being on camera in a press conference is not the time to vent,' she says. "It's not a therapy session."

Mr O'Mara heightened tension with his racially charged remarks after the trial, she says, and made the situation harder for his client. She believes that his remarks hurt his chances for a career as a celebrity lawyer.

"This is O'Mara's 15 minutes of fame," says Ms Levenson. "It's a flash in the pan."