Prof. Glazier quoted in multiple sources on overturn of U.S. Marine murder trial

Professor David Glazier was quoted in several news articles on the U.S. Marine convicted of murder trial was overturned by the Court of Appeals of the Armed forces.

Excerpt from story on CBS News, "Court Overturns U.S. Marines Murder Conviction":

Former Navy officer David Glazier, a professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said Wednesday's ruling demonstrates the military's poor prosecution record.

"For these very serious allegations of conduct that one would think of as war crimes, the military justice system has not performed very well in the past couple decades," Glazier said.

"Here this guy's conviction is overturned on the basis that he was mistreated by the government during his initial apprehension, and yet he's already served five years in prison," he added. "If the conviction was unjust in the first place, it's kind of appalling it's taken the military justice system five years to resolve it."

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