Prof. Lazaroff quoted in stories about the NCAA and MLB lawsuits

Professor Daniel Lazaroff was quoted in The Chronicle of Higher Education on the dispute of NCAA's principles of amateurism.  

Excerpt from the story, "Lawsuit Over Athletes' Rights Challenges NCAA's principles of Amateurism":

"If this case is certified, it would threaten the entire NCAA business model and the assumption that athletes are students first and true amateurs," says Daniel E. Lazaroff, a professor of law at Loyola Law School Los Angeles and director of its Sports Law Institute. "There is an argument that the NCAA is getting the surplus out of cheap labor, and it would not be as cheap if there were competition for the services of these players."

Also, Lazaroff was quoted in the Los Angeles Times on the antitrust lawsuit San Jose filed against the MLB for not allowing them to relocate the Oakland A's to San Jose.

Excerpt from the story, "San Jose Sues MLB, Seeking to have Athletics Move There":

Daniel Lazaroff, who teaches sports law at Loyola Law School, said the right to control franchise relocation "would be right in the wheelhouse of the exemption." Successful challenges to that exemption, he said, have whittled league restrictions against players moving from one team to another.

Lazaroff also spoke on KPCC's AirTalk with Larry Mantle on the San Jose anitrust lawsuit against the MLB.

To listen to the radio segment click here.