Loyola Law School faculty available to comment on October 2012 Term Supreme Court opinions

Loyola Law School, Los Angeles faculty members are available to comment on the following cases:

Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics

Arizona v. Inter-Tribal Council of Arizona (National Voter Registration Act v. AZ law)

Alleyne v. U.S. (whether jury must hear facts that increase mandatory minimum sentence)

Alliance for Open Society International v. United States Agency for International Development (does requiring anti-prostitution/trafficking policy violate 1st Amendment)

Fisher v. UT-Austin (Racially based admissions decisions OK in public university?)

Horne v. Department of Agriculture (Takings clause)

Hollingsworth v. Perry (Prop. 8)

Salinas v. Texas (Does 5th Amendment protect defendant’s refusal to answer police questions before being Mirandized?)

Shelby County v. Holder (Voting Rights Act)

U.S. v. Windsor (Defense of Marriage Act)

Maryland v. King (DNA collection from people arrested & charged w/serious crime a 4th Amendment violation?)