Loyola Law School professors present at Law & Society annual meeting

Several Loyola Law School professors participated in the Law and Society annual meeting in Boston last week. During the event, Alexandra Natapoff was presented with the Law and Society Association Award for her article Misdemeanors. Additionally:

  • Hiro Aragaki participated in a roundtable on “ADR and Compromise”
  • Simona Grossi presented Forum Non Conveniens as a Jurisdictional Doctrine at a panel entitled “Procedural Rules, Adjudication, and Access to Justice”
  • Kevin Lapp presented  Non-Legislative Policymaking at a panel entitled “Border Activism and Immigration Policymaking”
  • Eric Miller presented The Penal Politics of Problem-Solving Courts at a panel entitled “Community Justice in the Criminal Courts”
  • Yxta Maya Murray presented Inflammatory Statehood at a panel entitled “Status, Exclusion and the Crisis of Democracy”
  • Doug NeJaime presented Before Marriage: The Unexplored History of Nonmarital Recognition and its Implications for the Law and Politics of Marriage on a panel entitled “Mechanisms of Legal Influence in Social Movement Strategies”
  • Priscilla Ocen presented Little Girl Lost: The Erasure of Girls of Color in Domestic Sexual Trafficking Discourses on a panel entitled “The Great White North and the Global South“
  • Elizabeth Pollman participated in an “Author Meets Reader” session on The Shareholder Value Myth and presented Corporations and the Right to Privacy on a panel entitled “Alternative Jurisprudence: Re-Examining Corporate Fundamentals from New Perspectives, Disciplines and Theories“
  • Katie Pratt presented Reconsidering the Role of Fairness in Tax Expenditure Analysis on a panel entitled “Theory and Economics of Taxation”
  • Ted Seto presented Some Implications of Preference-Shifting for Optimal Tax Theory on a panel entitled “International Taxation”
  • Kathy Trisolini presented Expanding Landfill Gas to Energy Projects: Regulatory Design and Diverse Incentives on a panel entitled “Varieties of Citizen Involvement in Environmental Review and Regulation”